Foshan Qiruide Additives CO,. LTD

About Us
Foshan Qiruide Additive Co.,Ltd. is a professional company focusing on produce the quality chemical products like nickel salt,Website:, copper salt, cobalt salt, chromate salt, hydrazine salt, stannate salt, pigment and metal surface treatment additives. Our company has been in this field about 20 years and build a good reputation. Over the years, we have been tireless pursuit of technological innovation, in order to provide customers the best quality products and make contribution to the society.
Products and services
Hydrazine sulfate, Hydrazine hydrochloride, nickel fluoride, nickel acetate, Copper acetate , cobalt acetate, Stannous sulfate, Sodium stannate, Metal clearner, Aluminum alloy sealing agent, Aluminum alloy electrolytic coloring additive, Aluminum alloy etching additive