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Date: 20th December 2016
AC Degreaser For Aluminum Surface Treatment
Aluminum profile?surface treatment?industrial flowchart Oxidation treatment?Workpiece?Degreasing?Washing?Alkali corrosion?Washing?Light?Washing?Oxidation?Washing?Sealing?Washing?finished Spraying treatment?Workpiece?Degreasing?Washing?Coating film processing?Washing?drying?finishedApplications AC Degreaser is a colorless liquid by degreasing agents, strong oxidizing agents, corrosion inhibitors, brighteners, suppression of gray agents, surface active agent compound formed, as a former smooth profiles or Aluminum profile spraying process Aluminium degreasing. Product Features decontamination capability, post-processing profile surface bright and clean.Moderate foam, easy to cleanToo easy to produce corrosion, aluminum consumption is smallBath process parameters width, no etching sand surface, such as bath pollutionSlotted parameters & Maintenance Management? ? ? ?ParametersSlottedMaintenance Management?QRD-P-0430?50g/L3?5kg/ton?Reflective materials? ? ? ?4?6kg/ton?Spraying?materials?Temperatureordinary temperature?PH1.0-2.0Time1?5minPrecautionsDuring the operation to avoid too much into the dirty debris, contaminated bathSpecifications and packaging?This product is plastic barrel, net weight 25kg.