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Date: 20th December 2016
Aluminum Surface Treatment Sealing Agent
Aluminum Cold sealing agent This product has a number of large Aluminum profile plant long-term is still in use, and its excellent performance has been recognized by various manufacturers. Through continuous improvement, product quality has reached advanced level of similar products at home and abroad Bath solution composition?2.5g / L sealant composition 2.5g / L nickel acetate Process parameters: PH?6.5~7g/L Temperature?20~35? Time?5~15min Prepare beforehand?5-8g/L Slotted: Slotted new concentration and time please use the limit: Slotted is set tank cleaned, add about two-thirds of the water, the dissolved in water first calculated amount of sealing agent, together with the tank, add water to a predetermined volume and trial production. Sample testing liquid, according to analysis of data added ordinary temperature sealants.