Foshan Qiruide Additives CO,. LTD

Date: 20th December 2016
Copper Carbonate 55% Cas 1184-64-1 Basic Producer
Copper Carbonate Cas NO.: 1184-64-1?????????????????????HS NO.: 2836999000GRADE: Industrial GradeMolecular formula?CuCO3.CU(OH)2.xH2OProperties?Blue-green powder, stable, incompatible with strong acids. Application?used for catalyst, fireworks, pesticides, paint, feed, fungicide, plating ?,corrosion protection and other industries, manufacturing copper compounds.Packing:?packing in plastic woven bags, net weight 25kg per bag.Chemical composition Assay???Cu?%55Pb?%0.005Cl?%0.03S?%0.05Na?%0.2As?%0.003Fe?%0.03Hydrochloric acid insoluble?%0.1Water?%0.5