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Date: 20th December 2016
Degreasing Agent For Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Degreasing Agent This is series water-solubility washing agent compounded by many kinds of surfactants and additives.Its working principle:by means of surface active ingredients of wetting, osmosis,emulsification,dispersion ability,and through a variety of additives of synergy,makingthe oil on the surface of the metal, adhesion, out into the lotion,so as to achieve the goal of removing oil, clean surface.Abluent power, degrease quickly, using low concentration, stable working liquid ingredients, non-combustible don't explode, no corrosion of artifacts, the use of safe and reliable. Widely used in the artifacts of spraying process in advance.Degreasing agent series products (there are three types: Q01 Q02 Q03).Product modelPerformance differencesDensity?g?cm3?PH?viscosityQ01 ? Acid degreasing agentSuitable for:steel,stainless steel,aluminum,copper and other metal artifacts.Removing oil,rust removal,and remove oxide by a step,with special composition of corrosion,nocorrosion metal substrate.1.17?0.02 ? PH=2.7?0.02 ? 10?0.5s/100mlQ02 ? NeutraldegreasingagentSuitable for:stainless steel,steel,copper,aluminum,zinc alloy,plastic material of work piece,etc.Powerful cleaning,skim quickly,using low concentration,stable working liquid,nocorrosion of artifacts,wide range of applications.1.02?0.02 ? PH=8.9?0.02 ? 62?0.5s/100mlQ03 Alkaline ? Degreasing agent ? (spray degreaser)Suitable for:stainless steel,steel,copper, aluminum,zinc alloy, plastic material of work piece,etc.Quick oil removal,good in corrosion inhibition,high wash power,non-corrosion to the metal.1.11?0.02 ? PH=11.4?0.02 ? 10?0.5s/100mlPreservation and transportation?Plastic drum of 25 kg/barrel?according to the general chemical transportation,light light discharge, prevent the heavy load and inversion,stored in ventilated place at room temperature,expiration date for 2 years.