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Date: 20th December 2016
High Purity Hot Sale Cobalt Sulfate Hexahydrate CoSo4
Cobalt Sulfate Cas NO.: 10026-24-1???????????????????????HS NO.: 2833299010GRADE: Industrial GradeMolecular formula?CoSo4.7H2O Properties?Red crystal, density: 1.948g/cm3, ?asily soluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol. Application??used in the manufacture of cobalt salt, paint dryer, feed additive,?etc. Packing:?25kg per bag. Chemical composition Assay (%) Co?20.66Ni0.0005Fe0.0005Ca0.0005Mg0.0007Cu0.0005Mn0.0005Zn0.0005Pb0.0010Na0.0005As0.001Cd0.0010Water insoluble0.010