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Date: 20th December 2016
High Temperature Hose Sealing Agent
Aluminum profile?megathermal?sealing agent This product is a high-temperature Aluminum Alloy anodized film sealing agent, particularly suitable for sealing coloring and dyeing oxide film. After sealing the oxide film does not fade, yet light, good sealing effect, corrosion resistance and other advantages, the product easy to use, easy maintenance, is one of the coloring and dyeing Aluminum Alloy oxide film most widely sealersBath solution composition? 5~8g/L, Formulated with distilled or deionized water Process parameters: PH?5.5~6.5 Temperature?75~95? Time?5~15?min Slotted: Slotted new concentration and time please use the limit: Slotted is set tank cleaned, add about two-thirds of the water, the dissolved in water first calculated amount of sealing agent, together with the tank, add water to a predetermined volume and trial production. Sample testing liquid, according to analysis of data added high temperature sealant