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Date: 20th December 2016
Steel Degreasing
Steel Degreasing Agent 1?Degreasing agent compounded by many kinds of surfactants and additives.2?A liquid detergent, so the ease of use. Modern industrial cleaning, general use ultrasonic cleaning or spray cleaning.3?It completely replaced the inflammable and explosive oil solvents, and can easily remove all kinds of lubricating grease on the surface of the material, carbon agent, mildew spot, etc.,safety, simple, economic and effective.Properties: strong penetration emulsified, decontamination fast; Contain unique rust inhibitor, both short-term rust; Non-combustible not burst; A weak alkaline, protect the machine and equipment.Range of application: 1.Suitable cleaning material:clean stainless steel, aluminum, copper, electrolytic plate, etc. 2. Suitable cleaning oil: Industrial processing oil, such as cutting oil, drawing oil, rust-proof oil. Methods of application: degreasingagent is suitable for high pressure spray cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning can be diluted 10 to 20 times; High pressure water cleaning can be diluted 20-30 times; Opened to take off the heavy oil and oil equipment parts cleaning can be diluted 1-5 times, the food processing workshop of vegetable oil, milk, soy sauce can be diluted 10 to 15 times, such as cleaning the car can be diluted 10 to 20 times equipment such as appearance, clean overalls, floor, wallpaper, etc. Can be diluted 20-30 times Operating conditions: 1?Compounding concentration : generally the twenty times of water. 2. Operating Temperature : room temperature to 80degrees. Notification: 1. Cleaning time is five day a change, add a tank volume is about 1%everyday, and can also according to the actual situation, change the tank everyday when it is necessary to add. 2. Degreasing agent can not eat, if eat it by mistake, spit it out at once.