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Date: 20th December 2016
Wholesale High-purity Nickel Hydroxide Price
Nickel Hydroxide Cas NO.:12054-48-7?? GRADE:Industrial GradeMolecular formula?Ni(OH)2Properties?Apple green,Website:, amorphous or crystalline powder. In a certain temperature can be bromine water, chlorine water, sodium hypochlorite oxidation?and Generate hydroxyl black nickel oxide NiO(OH).?Non-combustible, has strong excitant.?230 ??when broken down into the NiO and H2O.?Soluble in ammonia, ethylenediamine and acid.Application?nickel salt raw material,?alkaline battery,?electroplating, catalyst,Packing?Peritoneal woven bags of 25 kg each.Chemical compositionAssay?%?Total content?%98SO4?%0.01NO3?%0.01Co?%0.05Cu?%0.005Fe?%0.002Zn?%0.02Pb?%0.005Ca?%0.02Na?%0.02Substance insoluble in water?%0.01